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Thank you for purchasing a Milkyway product! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating and designing it!

Tips for Proper Care

Initial Check

Upon receipt, please ensure all parts are undamaged and interact smoothly. If a piece gets stuck, please get in touch with us first before attempting removal.


We recommend you clean it after each session. Do not wait till it gets clogged up, this will put your piece at risk of breakage due to resin build-up. For the inside, we recommend using an Earth friendly resin dissolver, they take longer to clean, but are more effective and eco-friendly.  For the outside, just use soap and warm water, do not use resin dissolvers on the outside.

Bowl Usage

Do not use a metal poker to clean out the bowl (especially when hot), this could cause damage. We recommend using a small brush, it’s gentle and cleans better.

If you have any questions regarding your new piece, please emails us at [email protected]