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Combo Angel Beaker (MKSD-1)

Height: 15 Inches (38 CM)
Weight: 1.25 kg
Joint: 19 mm
Thickness: 9mm and 5 mm
Includes: 2 x Bowl and 2 x Stem
Release Date:  7th Sept 2021
Run : 5pc made
Auction: To be announced

When it comes to combos, one man is a dab above the rest…  Southern Dabber, the Combo King!  But what happens once kings surpass the abilities of mortal smokers?  Introducing, the mighty ‘Combo Angel’ beaker…

There is no dab he can not slay,
no toke he can not contain
and no challenge he will not take…

This is the 1st edition in a highly exclusive line we call the ‘Grandmaster Series‘, an accolade reserved for only our most convented custom collaboration pieces. Inspired by the classic Archangel beaker, this version depicts Southern Dabber, the ‘Combo Angel’ slaying a demon. Its made using color frit layered on a light blue tube, with a multilayered sandblast throughout.  It has highly customized elements on the tube, the beaker, and the bowls/stems.

We are currently running a giveaway on Southern Dabber’s Instagram.  However, 2 pieces will be made available for auction in the near future, so sign up to receive a notification!

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in