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With over 10 years experience in sandblast and glass making techniques, our goal is to create collectable works of art, known for being highly detailed and contemporary in style.

“We strive to transmit that visceral feeling you get when you hold a Milkyway…”

Our focus is the customer experience. We believe that our designs should resonate with our customers in a personal way. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into the details and try our best to capture a ‘feeling’ rather than just an aesthetic. We may not be perfect, but thanks to our customers’ feedback, we’ve been able to innovate and disrupt the industry.

We’re passionate about what we do. To create something that our customers love is very humbling for us. We’re committed to them and seek ways to immerse them even deeper into the world of Milkyway!


“To us, sandblast embodies grace…”

We appreciate the simplicity and elegance of a well balanced sandblasted piece, which is why we decided to focus on it. We’ve developed innovative new techniques that bring both depth and detail. Combining that with story driven graphical work brings our products to life. We constantly strive to find new and interesting ways to apply our craft. We want our customers to enjoy our products and feel proud to own a Milkyway. 


“Our goal was simple, we wanted to create some of the best aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces, at prices that were accessible to people like us.”

Before we started Milkyway, we were avid glass enthusiasts. Unfortunately, heady pieces were out of our price range. We were fans but couldn’t afford to spend $2000+ on a piece (especially because we wanted to actually use it!). As customers, our options were limited to super expensive, or simple functional pieces that didn’t speak to our personalities.

We wanted to do something to cater to people like us – everyday people who have a deep appreciation for glass, the aesthetics and the function. We had expertise in graphical design and international manufacturing and saw an opportunity to use our skills in an industry that we were truly passionate about.

‘We were artists, we had a vision and we were determined…’

We had to hit the trifecta: aesthetics, function and price. The solution came in the form of a unique exclusive partnership. As with most glass brands in this industry, our products are made in China. But what makes us different from 99% of those companies is that we control every part of the process from initial design, production and quality control. This was only made possible by owning our production facilities and maintaining the exclusivity. At the time, a vertically integrated glass company was unheard of in the industry. It is because our products are made overseas that we can price them at $150-$300, and that was our goal. 

By producing something that is centered on high quality, detail and beauty, we’ve been able to dispel the myth that all ‘Made in China’ equates to poor quality (at least when it comes to glass!). As industry leaders in sandblast and design, people have come to recognize the effort that goes into making a Milkyway piece. And we appreciate them greatly!

Our products are designed in our studios in Dallas and Toronto, by people who are deeply rooted in the core valves of Milkyway. Without such a dedicated team, Milkyway would not have been able to create a new market based on heady style and value for money.

Moving forward, we have a lot of exciting new ventures lined up! Many world firsts and feats of beauty to come! We look forward to taking our customers on the next stage of our astronomical journey!


Hemel Parmar

Co-founder / Creative Director

Originally from London UK, Hemel became the creative director at Milkyway in 2019. As head designer, he oversees all aspects of product design and branding. 

A true creative, he transitioned his talents towards graphical design after a number of years in the music industry. His eye for detail and design has helped the company to grow into an internationally recognized brand. His hobbies include travel, painting and exploring yogic culture. You can follow him on Instagram @Multiverse_Creative_X

Nick Xu

Co-founder / Sales Director

Nick has spent most of his life in both US and Canada. His prior experience with startups has given him skills and insights that have proven invaluable to Milkyway’s success.

As Sales Director, his customer focused approach has allowed him to build rapport with our customers and convey the core values that Milkyway stands for. With a passion for innovating processes, Nick has paved the way for the growth of the company.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and being a hobby mechanic.

Jessica Hernandez

Marketing Coordinator

Jessica, originally from Colombia, moved to Canada to pursue her dreams of building a better future. Her passion and discipline for her aspirations never let her stop learning. Since 2013, she has been studying to become a better professional every day, starting with a major in Social Communications in Colombia, specializing in Neuro Marketing in Barcelona, and now pursuing a specialization in Marketing Management in Toronto.

As a Marketing Coordinator, she has helped take our brand to the next level!

Andrew Baek

Communications Designer

Born and raised in the Republic of Korea, Andrew is a talented and passionate designer who has a strong dedication to his craft. He is known for his creative approach and his ability to effectively convey messages through visual content.

He specializes in developing captivating social media content for Milkyway, with a keen focus on enhancing user communication. Andrew’s drive to continuously expand his knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies sets him apart in the field of communication design. He loves to go to art galleries and exhibitions in his free time.