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Looking for the best bong under 12 inches? Check out our collection of unique medium sized beakers

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve developed 14 and 11 inch beaker bongs to fit your smoking needs. These small but potent smoking tools provide a special mix of being easy to carry, discreet, and delivering a truly enjoyable smoking session. Milkyway has a diverse collection of beaker bongs under 12 inches.

Why use a smaller bong?

  • Convenience: Smaller bongs are generally more portable and easier to transport compared to larger ones. This makes them convenient for those who want to use their bongs on the go or take them to different locations. In addition, they are lighter and easier to hold. Our Milkyway beakers have superior grip due to our double layer sandblast technique.
  • Cost-effective: Our medium beakers have the same styling and attention to detail as our biggers pieces, while typically being a cheaper price point.


  • Filtration: Smaller bongs typcially have smaller surface area and less water volume for the smoke to cool. We counter this by including a variety of percs and chambers to our smaller bongs, so smoothness is maintained.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning time is still the same, as ash and debris can still get stuck in certain areas. It may even be harder to reach certain areas so be sure to have the appropriate brushes and cleaners.

Hive Colony 11″ Clear Beaker Bong with Tree Perc

Our Hive Colony 11″ Clear Beaker Bong with Tree Perc includes a tree perc for added functionality and is decorated all around with our bee and honeycomb designs.

Why choose Milkyway Beakers?

Thick Base: Our beaker bongs are constructed with an extra thick base, meaning it has extra durability.

Superb Functionality: All of our pieces are tested to ensure that airflow and filtration is maximized for the best smoking experience.

Ancient Ruins 11″ Beaker Bong

The Ancient Ruins 11″ Beaker features our Teal colored glass and is a great example of our double layer sandblast technique.

The Perfect Size

11 Inch profile: Our medium size beakers are under 12 inches, which is the perfect size for a personal use sized beaker. Even though it’s smaller in size, it still maintains in functionality.

Ice restriction: We’ve included our new style ice restriction, bringing in the latest knowledge and tech that we’ve developed from our full-size beakers.

Are you looking for a smaller beaker bong? Our medium beakers are the perfect daily driver, a great combination of style, functionality and size. They’ve become popular through the years as you can still get the same great hit at a lower cost. However, even though it’s a smaller piece, we don’t compromise on the design. In fact, we enhance our design and technique, incorporating more colors and details than ever before. Check out our collection today