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Temple of the Dragon 7″ Dab Rig


Length: 7 inches (18 cm)
Weight: 0.5 kg
Joint: 14 mm
Thickness: 5 mm Base
Color: Clear & Smoke
Version: 1.0
Release Date: Aug 2023

We crafted this rig using our advanced technique known as ‘Micro-SB,’ showcasing the pinnacle of our skill and resulting in one of our most intricate and meticulously designed pieces. Taking inspiration from games of games and tyrant kings, this 7” rig perpetuates the ongoing card game between King Horan and Death.

In this exclusive edition, we present a vivid portrayal of the ‘Temple of the Dragon’, a cathedral erected by the Skull Emperor using the ancient bones of Darthor the Dragon.  The temple amplified the power of the Bio-Tech sword possessed by Horan.

It contains a powerful showerhead perc contained in a pocket chamber for maximum filtration and none of the splash-back.

This 7″ dab rig is perfect to add to your collection.

The Emperor Horan and Mergor, the royal meiser, ventured into the royal underground crypt. It was unfamiliar territory for Horan, shrouded in darkness. Within the crypt lay massive stone-carved coffins. Among them, Horan discovered the tomb of Garramon, notable for a stone lid adorned with a carving depicting Garramon holding a book in one hand and a peculiar sword in the other. Gently prying the lid open, he revealed the book and the sword inside. The sword seemed metallic, yet it was composed of an alloy unknown to him, with a peculiar pattern etched onto its surface. When he reached out to touch it, a faint hum resonated, as if the sword was awakening.

As Meragor had mentioned, the text inscribed on the sword was in an unfamiliar script. Following his transformation, Horan’s intellect had sharpened remarkably. He harnessed his extraordinary intelligence and foresight to decipher the text, gradually comprehending and articulating every word.

Though the Orb itself remained absent, he now possessed the Book of the Orb and the Bio-Tech sword. Utilizing the book, he learned much about the sword’s nature. It did not cut; instead, it disintegrated matter upon contact, akin to slicing through air. He realized the sword had lost its potency and was once powered by the orb, which the emperor lacked. Imperceptibly, he noticed the sword’s capability to absorb and release energy, an energy distinct from fire or electrical charges. This energy was novel to him, and he gradually started grasping the concept of M-waves, even if he didn’t label it as such.

He took the sword to the castle dungeon to test its power by using it to end the lives of prisoners. Subtly, he sensed the sword feeding on the vital energy of the prisoners. With each life taken, the blade appeared to gather strength. However, progress was sluggish. Horan sensed the sword harbored much untapped potential.

Over ensuing months, he wielded the sword on the battlefield, claiming numerous lives. Still, the sword fell short of its potential. Haunting dreams of a fearsome dragon, the orb, and scenes of horror began plaguing his sleep. These visions both intrigued and eluded his comprehension. Until one day, an image of the falling dragon materialized in his dreams, identifying a specific location. Familiar with that place, he fixated on it. The subsequent day, he visited the spot to find nothing but fields and trees. As he drew nearer, the sword’s vibrations intensified, absorbing energy and sending sensations coursing through him. The source of this interaction lay beneath him. His forces excavated the colossal dragon skeleton. Could it be the remains of the legendary Darthor? Dragons had vanished for centuries. The sword gained strength in the presence of the bones. That night, he envisioned a grand temple constructed from the dragon’s bones. His conjecture was that arranging the bones a certain way would amplify the sword’s might. Following his instructions, his army built the temple, and he was proven right. Stepping into the temple with the sword, it began absorbing energy from Darthor’s bones, transmitting it through him. That day, he christened the sword ‘Kamitoh,’ signifying ‘the God killer.’

Could this newfound power enable him to conquer the formidable Soryan clan and their vast armies? The upcoming battles promised greater terror, yet Horan greeted them with excitement.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in









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Temple of the Dragon 7" Dab Rig Temple of the Dragon 7" Dab Rig
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