Moon Puffs (Koala Puffs) Beaker (MKKP-1)

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Height: 15 Inches (38 CM)
Weight: 1.25 KG
Joint: 19 MM
Thickness: 9 MM
Includes: Bowl and Stem
Release Date:  7th Jan 2021
Run : 3pc made
Auction Ends: Noon (Eastern time) 12th Jan 2021

What happens when Koala Puffs goes on a classic Milkyway Space Odyssey?… you get the ‘Moon Puffs’ Beaker!  We’re very excited to be auctioning off No.3 of 3 to raise funds for Red Eye, a charity helping mentor youths for a better future.  To enter the auction, please place your bid above.  You’ll receive an email confirmation soon after.  If you get outbid, we’ll notify you via email.  All proceeds from the auction will go to Red Eye.  You can learn more about them at  Auctions ends noon (Eastern time) 17th Jan 2021. Good luck!

About the ‘MOON PUFFS’ beaker

We’ve teamed up with social media giant Koala Puffs to bring you this highly customized collab piece.  It’s the 2nd edition in a series we call the ‘Grandmaster Series‘, an accolade reserved for only our most convented custom collabs.

It features the Koalapuffs bear taking a hit from our signature Circuitboard Beaker.  Only 3 have ever been made. It features our iconic UFO with Koala Puff details featured on the beaker, bowl, and downstem.  Follow Koalapuffs at for all the latest 420 lifestyle related content.

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