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Introducing MilkywayX

From the Milkyway team, presents the next evolution of our Multiverse, we are proud to announce the launch of MilkywayX.

MilkywayX aims to bring all the greatest qualities of Milkyway: high quality, intricate design, amazing functionality, all at an affordable price range.

Let's take a look at one of our new releases:

This rig is in our familiar sidecar shape, but it adds additional flourishes of color at the base, mouthpiece and the innter perc. It features our “Brains” motif in double layer sandblast, as well as our MilkywayX logo on the base.

Let's take a look at another of our new releases:

This rig is a new shape with amazing functionality. The base and mouthpiece accented is in our smoke color. Our familiar “Lungs” motif is sandblasted in double layer, and the word “Bio-Mark” is engraved on the side as well.

Let's take a look at a completely new addition to the Milkyway family:

By popular demand, we are releasing our first 18″ glass beaker bong. It has the same 9mm thickness all around, along with an extra thick base. We’ve done a double layer sandblast graphic on the base, and added a graphic around the top as well. In addition, the piece comes standard with a pink 14mm flower bowl, downstem, and 18mm joint. As thick glass bongs go, it can’t get much better!

Take a look at our MilkwayX beakers and rigs, we hope you are able to find a piece that meets your needs!