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The Ash Catcher: The best way to complete your setup

Bongs, have been a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts for their smooth and potent hits. On the other hand, the accumulation of ash and debris in the water can affect the quality of your hit. Subsequently, it has become an essential accessory for many users. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an ash catcher with bongs.

This Bee Hive Clear Dry Ash Catcher perfectly matches our Bee Hive 14″ Clear Beaker Bong, creating a complete set.

What is an Ash Catcher?

It’s a removable accessory made to seamlessly fit between the bowl and the downstem of your bong. Its primary objective is to collect ash and debris, hence the name “ash catcher”. At Milkyway, all of our ash catchers are 14mm male and female, for use with all of our beaker bongs.

Keeps your Milkyway bong clean!

Without a doubt, the most obvious advantage of using a Milkyway ash catcher is that it helps keep your bong cleaner for longer. As the ash and debris are caught in the chamber, they don’t accumulate in your bong. In addition, they are generally easier to clean since they are smaller, removable and have fewer intricate parts compared to bongs. Furthermore, cleaning is an easy process, usually involving a rinse with isopropyl alcohol and warm water.

Our Circuitboard Light Blue Wet Ashcatcher fits perfectly with our Circuitboard collection, and can add a splash of colour to any piece.

Ash Catchers enhance filtration

By adding an additonal component, it basically creates another chamber on your setup. This creates an additional area where smoke can cool down and filter smoke particles, creating a smoother smoking experience.

Ash Catchers reduce resin build-up

Ash and tar deposits can create stubbon resin build-up that’s hard to clean. By using an ash catcher, it helps prevent these substances from entering your bong, significantly reducing the amount of resin build-up. This can save you ALOT of cleaning time.

Our Space Odyssey Smoke Wet Ashcatcher offers superior filtration for our Space Odyssey collection. Check out our combo creator to see all the different combinations that are available and also receive 10% off your entire purchase.


In conclusion, an ash catcher is a valuable accessory for any bong enthusiast. It not only keeps your bong cleaner and enhances filtration but also simplifies maintenance. By adding this accessory to your bong setup, you can elevate your smoking experience and enjoy smoother, cleaner hits. At Milkyway, we have accessories for all of our pieces, allowing you to mix and match or complete your very own collection!